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30 Jan 2015

Good Luck to our Customers in Louisville!!

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We would like to give a shoutout to all of our Sassy Engine Customers competing in the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY!!


  • Jami Austin & The Salt Shaker Express Team
  • Tim Messer & The Wide Open Team
  • John Mumma & The After Midnight Team
  • Jared Nelson &The Midnight Revenger Team
  • Grayson Shelton & The Culp Lumber Sawmill Express Team
  • Bret Berg & The LG Seeds Moneymaker Team
  • Joe Eder & The Geico 75th Edition Team
  • Bob Jostock & The Wild Child Team
  • Terry Jostock & The Wild Won Team
  • Bill Leischner & The Dirtslinger Team
  • Ricky Rose & The Giddy-Up Team
  • Stan Shelton & The Shel-Shocked Team
  • Sean Blagrave & The Wild Horse Team
  • Bethany Nelson & The Wild One Team
  • Jeremy Nelson & The Midnight Gambler Team
  • Bill Oberste & The Missouri Gambler Team
  • Reese Shelton & The General Tire “Cutting Edge” Team
  • RJ Simon & The Dirty Pearl Team
  • Lisa Tatum & The Full Throttle Team

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